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Our Mission

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Your Physio Coach evolved and has been developed to meet the increasing demands and skills needed as you progress through the MSK Physiotherapy Profession.

There are many formal training pathways providing certificated learning but fewer options to plug smaller gaps in your own personal development and clinical and academic skills. Our coaches want to share their knowledge and expertise with Physiotherapists within the UK and Overseas and set bespoke session with our clients to fill these training needs and gaps.

Our coaches are dedicated to our Physiotherapy Profession with a drive to continue the  individual development needs of the future generations of MSK Physiotherapists. The outcome will allow delivery of better patient care and clinical outcomes and more confident MSK Physiotherapists.

Meet your Physio coaches

Jill Kerr



Jill has over 30 years MSK clinical experience as an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner.  She has lectured nationally and internationally for the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine for the last 25 years. Jill helped to develop the teaching material and was a Module Coordinator on their Foundation and Advanced Modules. For the last 3 years she has been Joint Programme Leader of the MSc Musculoskeletal Medicine  thus further developing her academic knowledge and skills.

Jill is co Author of textbooks 'A Practical Approach to Musculoskeletal Medicine" 3rd & 4th Editions. The innovation and new ideas for learning activities were driven by Jill.

Jill takes pride and is passionate in helping fellow MSK physios to improve their clinical and academic skills.  Jill is known among colleagues for innovation and creating activities to facilitate learning and make it fun.

The new roles within the Physiotherapy Profession of First Contact Practitioners and Advanced Practitioner in the last few years had led to an increase in demand for good and robust training. Jill updated the SOMM course for Advancing Practice In Physiotherapy to align with the 4 Pillars of Advanced Practice.

Jill is now keen to use Virtual one to one coaching to help plug the learning gaps or needs of fellow Physiotherapists within the UK and overseas.

Ruth Bradley



Ruth has many years of MSK experience and loves teaching and being a clinician. Ruth has clinical experience in Sport, NHS and Private Practice. Ruth continues her journey in MSK training and will soon complete her MSc in Musculoskeletal Medicine.


Ruth is training to become a teaching Fellow of the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine and her teaching skills have developed with her experience as a Pilates Instructor as well as an MSK Clinical Specialist.


Ruth enjoys working with fellow physios to help them unlock and achieve their fullest potential as clinicians. Ruth is passionate about CPD and believes there is always scope for learning and development. Having used coaching herself, she is aware of the benefits of focusing on individual needs and learning.


Ruth is the expert to help coach and develop the MSK Physiotherapy skills of both student and newer qualified Band 5 Physiotherapists. She enjoys coaching on clinical issues as well as helping with career planning and development.

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